Major Fields

Beaver Creek Field.   Discovered in 1947 by the Pure Oil Company, the Beaver Creek Field is located in parts of Beaver Creek Township, Crawford County and Garfield Township, and Kalkaska County.  It produces from the Richfield zone at the base of the Lucas Formation, which is a part of the Detroit River Group.  Successful waterflooding in the 1960s and 1970s caused the Beaver Creek Field to surpass the original estimate of reserves by several million barrels.

East Norwich Field.  The East Norwich Field was discovered in 1942 by Sun Oil Company.  It is located in Missaukee County and produces from the Dundee Formation and the Detroit River Group.

Enterprise Field.  The Sun Oil Company discovered the Enterprise Field in 1943 in Enterprise Township, Missaukee County.  The field was later expanded to encompass part of Lake Township in Roscommon County.  It produces from the Richfield reservoir as part of the Detroit River Group.

Kawkawlin Field.  The Kawkawlin Field, located in Bay County, was first discovered in 1938, although it took several years to become actively pursued.

Rich Field.

Rose City Field.

Springdale Township Field.

Walker Oil Field.

White River Field.

Williams Field.